Dividend payments from 2023 profits will commence on 2 July.

The shareholders of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD have approved the distribution of more than 50% of the profit for 2023 as a dividend. This became clear after the decision of the General Meeting of shareholders of the company, which was held on the third of June, Monday.

The gross dividend amounted to BGN 0.9 per share and the net dividend to BGN 0.86. The company will start paying it from 2 July 2024.

The total amount is BGN 11 661 677.1. The amount is calculated taking into account the repurchased 2,599 treasury stocks as of the date of the general meeting (June 3), on which no dividend should be paid, the company said.

Shareholders registered in the book of shareholders kept by the Central Depository on the 14th day after the date of the general meeting, or 17 June, will be entitled to receive a dividend.

The last date for transactions in shares of this company on the stock exchange resulting in the acquirer being entitled to a dividend is 13 June 2024.

The dividend payment will be made through the investment intermediaries and First Investment Bank.

The company has already paid one extraordinary dividend at the beginning of the year – just over BGN 5 million in total, or BGN 0.39 gross per share, from retained earnings for previous years. With the proposed dividend from 2023 profits, the total amount the company will pay to shareholders this year will reach BGN 1.29 per share.

In the last year, Telematic’s shares have appreciated by more than 10% and the market cap is almost BGN 202.2 million.

Source: Investor.bg