Telematic Interactive

Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD is a leading Bulgarian online gambling company. Since 2018 it develops the brand Palms Bet and experiences a constant growth and strong position in the market. Telematic Interactive is the first Bulgarian online gambling company traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange Main Market.


Investors get shares of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria for 16 million.

The IPO of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria

Who are we?

Telematic Interactive Bulgaria is the licence holder of, one of the biggest online gambling and sports betting platforms on the local market and the owner of the worldwide gaming provider CT Interactive. Since Telematic Interactive’s inception in 2014, its approach has been centred on the continual development of best gaming products and content, and its success built upon strong partnerships and customers emotional connections. The company is proud to be assembled by a team of professionals with vast experience

Телематик Интерактив
България АД

Компанията развива брандовете Palms Bet и CT Interactive.

Palms Bet

The online gambling and sports betting platform offers a great variety of slot games including top rated slot titles, casino games, live casino and a great number of sports events.

CT Interactive

The gaming software supplier has an impressive products portfolio. The success of the company is due to the great team effort, the technological know-how and the focus in the local and international partners needs and requirements.

България АД

Обича това, което прави. Компанията е  отдадена на своята работа, на своите клиенти и на индустрията. Ентусиазмът на Телематик Интерактив България АД движи компанията с пълна скорост напред.


Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD knows what success means: to provide hight quality products and services that will excite the consumers, allowing people all over the world to experience a next level gaming experience. To be successful is never enough for Telematic Interactive Bulgaria. The company believes that leaving a positive impact on both gambling industry and the public life is crucial.


Through its carefully chosen visual and verbal messages, Telematic Interactive expresses the brand personality and manages to stand out in the highly competitive gaming industry market. Staying true to its core values, Telematic Interactive Bulgaria would focus only on activities that will strengthen its main vision. The company trusts its values, created to ensure the preservation of its corporate culture and to guaranteed its success in the future.

Крайни собственици на мажоритарния акционер

Milo Borisov

Mr. Borisov is an engineer and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the gaming business. He is one of the leading figures in the worldwide industry. He sets the company’s direction with his in-depth knowledge which gives him the leading role in the product development and the processes organization in the company. Borissov is one of the gaming industry pioneers in Bulgaria and the founder of the Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Organizers of the Gambling Industry (BTAPOII).

Rossi McKee

Mrs McKee is highly experienced in the gaming industry and has a great expertise in the field of international business development. Her main focus is the North and South America market development. She helps defining the company’s growth directions considering the market specifics. Due to her great knowledge, she is always ready to identify the key trends and set the best strategics. Rossi McKee is an honorary member of the Board of the Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Organizers in the Gaming Industry (BTAPOII).

Management team

Lachezar Petrov

Изпълнителен директор и Член на борда на директорите

Десислава Панова

Председател на Съвета на директорите

Емил Георгиев

Член на Борда на директорите

Social responsibility

Telematic Interactive Bulgaria is the licensee of Palms Bet, one of the largest online gambling and sports betting platforms in Bulgaria and the owner of CT Interactive, a fast-growing international gaming provider. This success comes with responsibility: to the team, to customers, to partners and to business itself. Due to its social responsibility-oriented approach the company takes part in many public initiatives, supports some athletes and promotes transparency in the gaming industry.

Responsible Gaming

Telematic Interactive Bulgaria believes that online gambling and sports betting comes with the great responsibility. The customer should be provided with safe, secure and fun experience through hers/his controlled and responsible gambling. For Telematic Interactive Bulgaria the most important customer experience should be enjoying the games and having fun. Telematic Interactive believes that responsible gambling is the driving force helping to maintain a sustainable business.

Don't bet for solving a financial problem!

Don't bet when
under stress!

Don't borrow money
for betting!


Sponsoring some championships, teams or athletes can be extremely useful for maintaining or stimulating their development. That is why Telematic Interactive Bulgaria via its Palms Bet brand activities supports and develops sports in Bulgaria. Palms Bet is the official sponsor of one of the top-rated sports clubs in Bulgaria - PFC Levski, Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation and Bulgarian Golden Girls, as well as the professional boxer Vladimir Georgiev.

PFC Levski

Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation and Bulgarian Golden Girls

Vladimir Georgiev