Telematic Interactive is a partner to finance forum “The power of Investment”

For the second consecutive year, the first Bulgarian gaming company was an official partner of the financial forum “The Power of Investment. Alternatives and Opportunities 2024.” The event is organized annually by Infostock and this year was held on October 19 in the capital.

The forum consisted of three panels in which financial experts discussed the current state of the domestic capital market, international markets, the development of digital currencies and artificial intelligence.

“The power of Investment. Alternatives and Opportunities 2024” was held in the form of a discussion, during which leading experts and professionals examined the development of financial markets and the latest trends in investing. In the end of each panel there was time for questions.

Among the speakers at this year’s forum were Vasil Golemanski, Executive Director of the Central Depository; Phd. Valentina Grigorova-Genchev, Director of Gold and Numismatics, First Investment Bank; Stoyne Vassilev, independent personal financial consultant and many other leading persons in the field of finance.