Telematic Interactive lays the foundations of its sustainable policy with an eco-initiative

“On the 5th of June, we laid the foundations of our sustainability policy, and together we managed to contribute to a better urban environment for all of us. It is a great honour that our team is united for the sake of this cause,” said Lachezar Petrov, CEO of Telematic Interactive, during the organized clean-up of Sofia’s Zapaden Park.

The Telematic Interactive team set out to clean up the capital city’s park in honour of World Environment Day. All participants were provided with a set of organic gloves and biodegradable garbage bags. As a result of the initiative, the company’s employees collected a significant amount of household waste in the park, which was then taken out of the park by organised transport. The activity made a significant contribution to the improvement of the parking area, which is a renowned recreational and sporting destination in this part of the city.

“This initiative demonstrates our commitment to the community and our responsibility to the environment. We believe that the example we set will inspire and motivate others to join us in this endeavor to create a sustainable community where nature and society live in harmony,” added the CEO of Telematic Interactive.

This initiative is just a small part of the company’s planned activities to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable policies. Acting as a catalyst for sustainable change, the company aims to encourage others in the industry to focus their efforts on adopting environmentally friendly practices while making a positive impact on our surroundings.