Telematic interactive accepts offers for its IPO until 18th of February

Telematic Interactive Bulgaria will accept offers for the initial public offerings (IPO).

The company started the offering on the 14th of February, and it will continue to today (18th of February). The results will be announced on the next working day – 21st of February.

Upon successful offering, the shares will be listed for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. The chosen method for the classification of the offerings is book building. Investors can submit offers through all licensed investment mediators.

The company plans to increase its capital by 10% through the issuance of 400, 000 new shares, the expectations of the company are to raise BGN 20 million.

Telematic Interactive has increased its revenue 38 times in the past three years, expecting to reach BGN 78 million in 2021 and more that BGN 20 million net profit and profitability about 27%. The company has adopted a dividend policy to distribute no less than 40% of the realized profit.