Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD organizes an online meeting with investors

Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD is organizing an online meeting with investors, which will take place on October 26 at 11 a.m. During the virtual event, the public company will present the consolidated financial results for the nine months of 2022. After the presentation, which will also include the company’s development plans, representatives of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD will answer investors’ questions regarding the company’s activities.

“Our goal is to be as open a company as possible, whose priorities are growth and transparency. For us, relations with investors are extremely important, therefore we will continue to organize events of a similar nature in the future, at which the state of the company can be tracked” , said Lachezar Petrov, Executive Officer of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD.

In addition to him, Krasimir Tahchiev, Financial Officer of the company, will be present at the meeting to answer questions related to the financial situation of the company.

You can register for the online meeting with investors from the link here.