The subsidiary CT Interactive transferred to M.B.S. Trade AD the ownership of assets representing LED screens and equipment

After empowerment by the Board of Directors of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD (mother company) in accordance with Article 114, points 3, 1, b, b of Public Offering of Securities Act, the subsidiary CT Interactive EOOD concluded on 04.11.2022 the following transaction:

  1. The subject

The subsidiary transferred to M.B.S. TRADE AD the ownership of the following assets owned by CT Interactive EOOD, representing LED screens and equipment, with year of manufacture 2021, manufacturer LEDsDo Limited, China, model Panel PH8 (S SERIES-S8), as follows:

270 LED screens//Led Display ScreenLed P8/, 960/960 mm;

Wiring for LED screens.

The selling price of the transaction is in the amount of 610,000 (six hundred and ten thousand) BGN excluding VAT. The deal was concluded in the interest of both parties

  1. Parties to a contract

Seller: CT Interactive EOOD, with EIC number 206387659, with headquarters and management address: Sofia, Kukush St. No. 7

Buyer: M.B.S. TRADE AD, with EIC 121334627, with registered office and management address: Sofia, Zabarde St. No. 1

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