Telematic is in the top 5 BGBX40 companies with the highest dividend yield in 2023.

This year, the stock’s dividend yield is about 50% higher than the average for BGBX40 dividend-paying stocks

A dividend yield of just over 9% will bring shareholders of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria this year, which is more than 50% higher than the average of BGBX40 index companies that have paid a dividend, according to an analysis by The average is just over 6%.

An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria is scheduled for 19 December, at which an interim dividend for 2023 will be voted in the amount of BGN 0.4 gross per share.

The company has already paid out 1 lev gross per share for 2022, distributing nearly 60% of last year’s profit to shareholders.

According to the information in the analysis, with the two dividends, the dividend yield this year reaches 9.33% at a price of about BGN 15 per share – approximately the average price for the last one year (BGN 14.96).

With this, the company ranks among the top five BGBX40 companies that provide the highest dividend yield to investors – Neochim with 18%, Sopharma with over 16%, Alkomet with 11.5%, BSE-Sofia also with over 9%.

Telematic is among the few companies with an interim dividend this year

Telematic Interactive Bulgaria is the youngest company to list on the main market of BSE (in February 2022). The exchange included the company’s shares in the index of the 40 most liquid companies BGBX40 in the autumn of 2022, i.e. just over a year ago.

For its short history as a public company, Telematic Interactive Bulgaria is on the list of long-established public companies that pay a dividend twice a year. For example, Corado-Bulgaria, Sopharma and several other companies have such a tradition.

This year, however, due to the difficult economic situation, the shareholders of only three BGBX40 companies voted an interim dividend – Sopharma, Bravo Property Fund REIT and Telematic Interactive Bulgaria.

In the last year the shares of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria rose by more than 6% and the market capitalization reached BGN 194.4 million.

The company, in less than two years as a public company, has proven that it strictly fulfills the commitments it has made to investors – to pay out at least 40% of profits in the form of dividends and to be transparent in its communication with shareholders and the public.

Strong financial results

“Telematic Interactive Bulgaria reported an 18% increase in revenues to BGN 86.4 million for the period January-September 2023 compared to BGN 73.5 million for the period January-September 2022. The main contributor to the growth in total revenues was casino gaming revenues, which increased by 21% year-on-year to nearly BGN 77 million for the reporting period.

The company maintained a stable profit of nearly BGN 18 million at the end of September.

The company increased its number of active customers for the January-September 2023 period to more than 90,100 compared to almost 73,700 for January-September 2022, up 22% year-on-year. The average revenue per customer remains at over BGN 100.