Telematics Interactive took part in the establishment of the ESG Committee at CEIB/ KRIB

Telematic Interactive took part in the establishment of the ESG Committee at the Board of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIB), as a representative of the Association of tGaming Industry in Bulgaria. The aim of the established committee is to achieve higher standards of sustainability and social responsibility in business in Bulgaria.

As Bulgaria’s first public company in the gaming industry, Telematic Interactive works hard to implement sustainable policies in its operations. Although ESG principles are not new, they are becoming more relevant at a time when consumers and investors are increasingly looking to companies that actively pursue sustainable business practices. The establishment of the ESG Committee is not only a declaration of commitment to sustainability and responsibility, but also a practical step towards the implementation of concrete policies and strategies that will encourage businesses to achieve their goals in these areas.

The ESG Committee will work to inform businesses about sustainability-related regulations and innovations, assist both large and small and medium-sized enterprises in their transformation, and organize trainings, workshops and initiatives related to ESG practices.

The vote took place on December 14 at the organization’s headquarters, and the committee was supported by over 50 representatives of various companies, with Telematic Interactive appearing on behalf of the Association of the Gaming Industry in Bulgaria, which is a member of CEIB.

Boyan Tomov, Managing Director of Brand Media Bulgaria and owner of the first media platform in Bulgaria, which deals primarily with issues related to environmental, social and corporate governance –, was unanimously elected Chairman of the new structure. Sofia Kasidova (Bulgarian Development Bank), Kamelia Slaveykova (Shell Bulgaria) and Mariana Hamonova (Kleintech Bulgaria) will be vice-chairs of the committee.