Palms Bet and the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation: We will place Bulgarian gymnastics on a global level

Palms Bet will support the girls from the rhythmic gymnastics team with monthly bonuses, the individual competitors Boryana Kaleyn and Tatyana Volozhanina as well as the coaches Vesela Dimitrova (senior coach of the women’s team) and Branimira Markova (general manager of national women`s team individually).

The contract was signed for a period of five years and it includes the provision of financial support for a number of competitions and initiatives as well as the production of items bearing the “Golden Girls” brand.

“The ideas and events which we will organize will position Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics on a world level,” BRGF`s president Iliana Raeva said during a special press conference where the new partnership with “Palms Bet” was presented.


The newly formed team is very different from that of the Olympic champions from Tokyo 2020, said the president of the Federation.

“They are very different from the previous ensemble. We are now seeing very talented, pronounced individual gymnasts. The work is going very well.”

“When I went to see the ensemble on the very first day and entered the hall it was absolute silence – as if I were seeing the old ensemble. They don`t care who`s coming in and who`s going out of the place. They are totally focused on Vesela Dimitrova and what she`s instructing them to do and the work is being done at great speeds because we now have a new rulebook which is not at all easy to follow. Besides, it`s a whole new team; new rules are in, the instruments are new, the season is new. In fact, everything is new and we have to be very serious about our work” says Raeva.

The president of the federation said also that a control tournamnert will be held in February for the individual gymnasts, where the new routines will be shown for the first time.

As for the ensemble, coach Vesela Dimitrova is still hesitant to show the new compositions. The first World Cup tournament for the girls will be held in March in Athens.